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"As our private retreat Chef, she created theme-conscious, beautiful, and the most delicious and nourishing dishes."

A note from angela, Humannature yoga founder

"Her passion for food and willingness to share her knowledge and enthusiasm, lifted our wellness retreat to another level. She created a menu and dishes infused with deep respect for the ingredients and the attendees she was cooking for, and she did this all with such professionalism, flow, ease, and grace. She was always willing to create flexibility in the timing and options offered to everyone, going with the ebbs and flows of our attendees and what they required through their week’s healing Chakra journey. Knowing Tiffany was in the kitchen put my mind at ease and made running the retreat that much easier. I will definitely be hosting many more wellness retreats with Tiffany Swan feeding and guiding our guests in the food and nutrition department and You Should Too!" 

“Tiffany was the chef of my very first retreat (many more to come) and the food MADE the experience."

A note from diana davis creative

"Her menu was so well thought out with ingredients from local farms, ranchers, and vendors plus custom touches to match the vibes of my coaching and the group (hello matcha tiramisu). Every meal was so unique, tasty, and beautiful. (Best steak of my life, which is saying a lot.) Tiffany is such a light, a team player, and a hard worker. It was truly an honor to have her energy be incorporated into the food that nourished us for those four days. It was unforgettable."

Let me nourish you and your guests so you can stay fueled and focused as you create a magical, transformational retreat.

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