my job as a retreat chef is to nourish connection, strengthen your intention & really help you shine.

based in truckee & serving women's & wellness retreats worldwide

food is a catalyst for connection.

When you go to a friend’s house for dinner, everyone hangs out around the kitchen. The laughter and conversation fills the air over the aromas of the meal being prepared.

 Now imagine your retreat feeling exactly the same way. 

I am so passionate about bringing people together around a table.

The connection. The community. The exclamations over the day’s breakthroughs and excitement of what’s to come. 

a little bit about me

To me, food isn’t just fuel, it is the center of the gathering, it is the space to open up and share, it is the time to build new friendships and deepen the old, it is the place to create new memories. I became a retreat chef to be a part of that feeling of community food creates, rather than simply serving it. Nourishing the body, mind, and soul of retreat attendees is my greatest honor. 

I am a casual chef: I welcome you into the kitchen to hang out, ask questions, or help yourself to the fridge. No stiff white coats or off-limit spaces while I am cooking. 

I spent nearly 3 decades in restaurant and development kitchens, preparing food with love and craftsmanship, but I never had a connection with those that received it. 

two of the most important "people" in my life

living my best mountain life in our home near Lake Tahoe

Even though Tahoe-life means shoveling snow endlessly in the winter, I wouldn't trade our mountain home for anything.

Okay, okay, yes I am one of those people who considers their dog to be one of their favorite "people". Just ask my husband Tim, he'll agree.

tim + nala

our home

the one thing I eat every. single. day.

Really, every day. Even if I am making french toast, I top it with granola. I guess I am a creature of habit!


running in the mountains brings me peace

While it's not my only hobby, it's my favorite one to get outside and stay grounded. I prefer trails to roads, even when under snow.

trail running

the important stuff

now let's talk about

Let's cultivate nourishment for your next retreat, together.

ready to talk food?

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