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Lake tahoe-based retreat chef

there's a seat for you at my table

Cultivating the gathering of people around the table, hungry and excited to dig in, chatting with their neighbors, making new memories, sharing old stories, and of course, passing platters and clinking glasses.

let's eat!

Welcome to my kitchen.

While it feels like I’ve lived several lifetimes of work in the food industry, including developing specialty flavors for big name brands, running the kitchens of a ski resort, and working in winery cellars around the world, I've come to find that my favorite meals to make are the ones that bring people together.

Hi, I'm Tiffany

you are a master of what you do - bringing people together for retreats that encourage expansion, rejuvenation, & connection.

retreats are powerful (and can work up a powerful appetite)

Let me envision and prepare the nourishment, so that you can stay in your zone of genius and your attendees can fully immerse in the beauty of your retreat. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that are built around you, the location, and the themes of the retreat. You can relax and know that no bellies will be left grumbling and guests will be talking about your retreat for years to come.

"I was on a yoga retreat that quickly changed into a foodie’s paradise retreat. Being spoiled for break, lunch, dinner and snacks made the whole experience ten times better. Her creativity using the Chakras as a guide to curate the menu was beautiful to witness."


Human Nature Yoga retreat - zion

"Her menu was so well thought out, with ingredients from local farms, ranchers, and vendors plus custom touches to match the vibes of my coaching and the group (hello, matcha tiramisu). Every meal was so unique, tasty, and beautiful. (Best steak of my life, which is saying a lot.)

Diana Davis

founder of
the summit retreat

"Her passion for food, willingness to share her knowledge and enthusiasm lifted our wellness retreat to another level. She created a menu and dishes infused with deep respect for the ingredients and the attendees she was cooking for, and she did this all with such professionalism, flow, ease, and grace.

angela albuquerque

founder of
Human Nature Yoga

I'm writing a cookbook!

Launching soon!

Stay tuned for early-bird bonuses, launch parties, and virtual cook-alongs! 

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